Issue 18 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

Australian & New Zealand Handgun magazine is back! In our 18th edition we have a mesmerising mix of all things handgun including a review of the Walther Q5 Match SF, the latest refinement in the PPQ family of pistols. And sticking with Walther, we run the numbers on the company’s LP500 Match Air Pistol which isn’t a cheap option but is one which will provide years of happy shooting. Other firearms under the microscope include Kahr Arms’ Premium P9, the Heckler & Koch P30LS, Ruger Blackhawk and the wonderful Smith and Wesson 686 revolver. For the handgun historians out there, Mark van den Boogaart has gained access to a couple of genuine rarities – the Colt Walker and a classic Collier flintlock. We also take a fond look back at the Remington Model 1858 revolver, Mauser’s C96 Broomhandle and the quirky Smith and Wesson ‘Lemon Squeezer’. Rod Pascoe has been across the Tasman and written a fascinating insight into shooting a Classic Service Pistol competition in New Zealand, Geoff Smith takes an in-depth look at the Hi-Tek method of bullet coating for cast projectiles and add to that a handful of tasty product reviews, how-to advice and book review and there should be something for every handgun enthusiast.