Issue 16 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

Geoff Smith reviews Walther’s PPQ Q5 Match 9mm pistol and gives a lesson on reloading with MKE brass from Turkey. Rob Nicholls tests out the Heckler & Koch SFP9-SF Tactical pistol, Jeremiah takes to the Single Action shooting range with the Ruger Single-Six Hunter revolver and Dick Eussen looks at Breakthrough Clean Technologies gun cleaning equipment. Rod Pascoe investigates how to travel safely and legally with handguns from Australia to New Zealand, and explains how a Ransom Rest can help you find the perfect load. James Cheung breaks down the fundamentals of grip and stance, while Dick Eussen covers the importance of trigger pressure, and considers single-action versus double-action revolvers. Royce Wilson looks at the remarkable Colt collection at Cleaver Firearms, Mark van den Boogaart analyses an antique Parsons coat pistol and Dave Burgess details how joining a pistol club changed his life.