Issue 14 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

Assistant Editor Dave Rose speaks with Tiffany Piper, a New Zealand handgun champion who’s taking on the world of international Action Pistol shooting. James Cheung discusses how he upgraded his Glock 17A Gen 3 pistol in search of better shooting accuracy, while Geoff Smith and Dick Eussen share some tips for reloading handgun cartridges and buying secondhand revolvers. Alek Wadi shares his fondness for the SIG-Hammerli P240 .38 Special Wadcutter pistol, Leo Laden reminisces about a .45-calibre Japanese smoothbore matchlock pistol, and Henri Lach uncovers a curious invention, a .22 Short-calibre pocket-knife pistol. Our team of reviewers also test the Smith & Wesson M&P9L Pro Series CORE and Shield, Walther SSP-E, Beretta U22 Neos .22, Tisas ZIG M1 9mm and Kimber 1911 Rimfire Target Black .22 pistols, the Alfa-Proj 3561 Stainless .357 Magnum revolver and Hogue aftermarket handgun grips.