Issue 11 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

Ric Tester offers some timeless advice for improving your rapid-fire in four steps, from creating a process to shooting with rhythm. Up for review is the Colt Government .38 pistol, Ruger SP-101 .22 revolver, Berry copper-plated projectiles and SmartReloader products. Paul Barker takes a wander through the old goldfields of New South Wales and Victoria as far back as 1814, discovering how the gritty diggers used to arm themselves against any opportunistic villains trying to rob them of their hard-earned gold. Another slice of history is dissected as Royce Wilson comes across a Colt M1908 pistol that was owned by iconic British tank commander Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery aka ‘Monty’, which now resides in the London Imperial War Museum. A further link to World War II is Henri Lach’s peek at a Nazi belt buckle gun at a collector’s abode on the Gold Coast.