Issue 09 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

The firearms of choice for Australia’s police forces are analysed by Rachael Andrews. She finds that over the past decade, there has been a move from Smith & Wesson .38-calibre revolvers to Glock and Smith & Wesson .40-calibre self-loading pistols. Modern equipment can help police protect and save lives. Daniel O’Dea continues the theme by comparing what law enforcement and security personnel need in their service pistols to what civilian sporting shooters are permitted to use. Law and order affairs remain to the fore when John Corcoran delves into the history of a Colt Frontier revolver used by a Northern Territory police officer during the 1960s. The review section focuses on the Walther Pistole 38 and CZ 75 TS pistols, Smith & Wesson 63 revolver, Fox Fury AWL-P pistol light and cleaning gear for you and your firearm.