Issue 08 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

Leo Laden steps back in time to explain how English flintlock duelling pistols from the late 18th century have become sought-after collectors’ items, while in another slice of history, Geoff Smith ventures 100 years later to the introduction of the unique Belgian and British Bulldog revolvers. Back in the modern world, Ric Tester teaches us how video recording and computer games can be utilised to analyse and perfect our shooting techniques. Continuing the learning process, Rob Jackson shows how to choose powder and primers for your pistols and delves into the process of reloading your own ammunition. Our reviewers put the Smith & Wesson Model 629-6 Classic and Ruger Super Redhawk revolvers, Taurus PT 1911 and 24/7-OSS DS pistols and Dillon RL 550B reloading press under the spotlight.