February 2019 - Australian Shooter

Communications Officer Sam Talbot stands tall on the cover of our bumper summer edition as he tackles the Single Action discipline for the latest instalment in his Talbot on Target series. After almost a year of painstaking research, Scott Heiman has put together the definitive list of the Top 10 calibres across Australia in what makes for fascinating reading. Firearms under review this month include Winchester’s XPR Vias sporting rifle and Browning’s BLR Lightweight Monte Carlo, and in optics we take a close look at Nikko Stirling’s Hornet ED 10-50×60 riflescope and the latest Victory RF 8×42 rangefinding binoculars from Zeiss. Elsewhere is a comprehensive introduction to Long Range Precision shooting which continues to grow in popularity and a Queensland farmer puts the case for making hunting a two-way partnership. So sit back and enjoy our expanded 132-page summer special.

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