Edition 89 - Australian Hunter

We’ve got plenty of pig and deer action in this edition. The roar provides a major highlight and our array of unique hunts, including by bow and arrow, explore what leads to success and what doesn’t while we capitalise on the game meat to dish up unique culinary options. There’s also plenty of international flair with our rewarding Namibian adventure, visit to the Taramundi Knife Museum in Spain and time well spent at the nine-day blockbuster 2024 Great American Outdoor Show. Our cover story is an intriguing read, pitting one man versus a lone wild dog in the expansive Outback. See who wins – hunter or predator. Furthermore, we target pests and medium game, offer advice for the handloader, ponder hunting on game reserves here on home soil and deplore shooters and hunters being unfairly targeted in the NT. There are numerous useful products featured, from rifles and knives to an ever-reliable digital hunting partner. To help with that all-important edgeware decision we illustrate exactly what makes up a knife, focusing on ideal skinning blades. And with the cold weather, it’s scientifically proven that ‘winter blues’ can set in. To help you come out the other end with sustainable mental and physical health we’ve put together a heap of encouragement to get out there and hunt.

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