Edition 85 - Australian Hunter

We concentrate on the ‘hilar’ zone for a clean one-shot kill in Part 3 of our red deer hunting guide and illustrate exactly where you want to hit, no matter the angle. We also expand on why ‘patience’ is the most powerful tool hunters can possess and along with the right boots, binos, blades, ammo and vehicle, the necessities for the avid hunter heading bush and more are all here. Of course, you’ll have your preferred rifle/s sighted-in and ready to go in the correct calibre before setting off in Australia’s vast terrain and conditions. Bolt-actions are the most accurate rifles and a Kipplauf perhaps the most carry-able, so we present both. The roar and other hunting featured like feral pigs, wild dogs and wallabies unambiguously bring people closer to nature. Ventures see us land that first deer, sought after trophy and memento, experience the outdoors with good hunting mates, introduce someone to hunting and ensure safe and effective firearms and hunting ethos are practised with the younger generation. All of these are the ultimate reward. If after game meat, there is the added bounty of providing clean, nutritious protein for the family. We procure our fair share of chevon, including that from the delectable Boer goat, along with fresh and tasty venison.

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