Edition 84 - Australian Hunter

The yearly roar offers the opportunity to be out there in nature, enjoying the challenge for tasty venison and impressive trophies. It’s the ideal time to hunt and Don Caswell provides key behavioural insights in Part 2 of our red deer hunting guide. And no matter what your thoughts are on the various game in Australia or your reason for hunting, we have plenty to choose from, whether for conservation, trophies or meat. Sam Garro examines what we hunt and for better or worse, why we really are lucky. Post the COVID pandemonium Mike Arnold experienced a series of fortunate events in Africa. He offers worldwide food for thought on the hunting opportunities provided after a significant break. And with the tumultuous times many of us have faced, Perry Magowan and Mick Chapman dig deep to reinforce what matters the most in life, with a pertinent reminder to honour each hunt. With pigs, goats, firearms, ammo, knives and other reviews and advice plus our delicious venison and duck recipes wrapping things up, there’s plenty to keep you fulfilled. Don’t miss our comprehensive field testing of the affordable Kahles Helia 2-10x50i riflescope, which advances straight to the ‘top of the glass’ as a quality European optics go-to.

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