Edition 81 - Australian Hunter

Procuring a buck means to a lot to a hunter as Ben Smith helps his mate attain his first, Mick Chapman seizes a NZ buck in honour of his late hunting mentor and Chris Wardrop does whatever it takes to acquire a tasty fallow. We triumph in the Top End where Gary Hall, Brad Allen and Sam Garro face the extremes for hogs, buffaloes, bantengs and more. Further afield sees Don Caswell and Adrian Kenney contrastingly land rabbits for the pot, Scott Heiman visit a property teeming with game and Wayne Kampe explain how to get started in bowhunting. We fine-tune our long-range hunting in South Africa, streamline tumble polishing cases, provide our well-founded method for testing ammunition and create a nifty DIY antler coat and hat rack. Reviews and Edgeware cover the Ameristep Tent Chair Blind, Trijicon Huron 3-9×40 BDC Hunter Holds reticle riflescope, Fiocchi ammunition, Pelican 3310 Emergency Lighting Station, pig stopping cartridges, the everlasting .222, Benchmade 551-Griptilian folder, Cold Steel Master Hunter fixed blade and the finer points of knife sharpening. Our Camp Kitchen produces Greek-style goat, barbecue braised venison neck and crispy fried rabbit.

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