Edition 79 - Australian Hunter

Hunting features Peter d’Plesse hot on the trail of a wily wild dog, Ben Smith and family on a bunny busting adventure, Gary Hall and his canine crew secure a buffalo and boars, David Duffy tour mountainous desert in Texas for ‘skunk pigs’, Adrian Kenney bag his share of ducks, Dick Eussen report on Top End crocodiles, Don Caswell slog it out for chital deer meat, Chris Redlich share a ‘deer’ moment with his daughter and Brad Allen rejoice in pursuing roaring reds. We advocate the pluses of reloading ammunition, provide an extensive Outback survival guide, discuss the devastation of wild dogs and reflect on what not to pack for an African safari. Reviews cover the Hornady Auto Charge Pro powder dispenser, DJI Mini-2 drone, Diana Outlaw PCP air rifle, Burris Thermal Handheld 35, Sellier & Bellot ammo, Victure HC300 trail camera, Leupold VX-5HD 1-5×24 CDS-ZL2 scope and products from RMK Leather Works. With edgeware we maximise the ESEE Model 4 all-rounder, unfold the Ruike P801 and handcraft our own trusty knives. For the tastebuds there’s hearty venison stew, delightful cevapi with ajvar and a tasty campfire combo of coal-smoked chilli and crusty bread.

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