Edition 77 - Australian Hunter

Adrian Kenney pots rabbits and birds, Dick Eussen explores coastal feral pig management in Cape York, Ben Unten removes deer competing for cattle feed, Mick Chapman braves Wyoming’s frosty conditions for speed goats, Don Caswell secures a barrow pig, Gary Hall toughs out the Top End for boars and buffaloes while Perry Magowan treks Brisbane Valley for red deer. We also look at the Holosun Classic red dot sight, size up rebarrelling hunting rifles, don quality camo from Blackfoot Designs, keep sound in check with Howard Leight muffs, fire a thumper rifle from Blaser, sample campfire cooking with a Wooshka, delve in to Field to Fork – Second Helpings, cook up chilli Asian-style wild pork, platter perfect magpie goose pastrami and brilliant barbecued wallaby, get hands-on with the Heiman Hatchet survival tool, Buck 121 fishing knife and Opinel all-rounder, trap ‘flying rats’, ponder the need for a high velocity, cover factory ammo for hunts, recall why the .243 Winchester really is the ‘rifleman’s rifle,’ fire an array of medium bores, cover shotgun shells for field shooting, smartly capture hunting pics and reflect on mankind’s relationship with hunting.

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