Edition 76 - Australian Hunter

It’s a ‘roaring’ time of year as Mick Chapman stocks up on venison, Ben Smith helps an old pal take his first deer, Chris Redlich camps out amid a successful roar, Ben Unten takes that extra step to land deer, Brad Allen finds the search for deer is its own reward, John Moore drops a deer duo with his .308 employing aperture sights, Perry Magowan reminds us to expect the unexpected with deer, Adrian Kenney tracks a sambar in the forest and Robert Krix hunts magnificent game in Botswana. We handle ‘scout’ hunting rifles, cover bullet selection for a variety of game and conditions, visit an Aussie rifle-customisation business, highlight a wayward shot can be from finite natural elements, create unique DIY items from animal parts, study metallurgy and debate introduced deer. Reviews cover the Deluxe Universal Game Caller, Polaris Ranger EV ATV, TargetVision Longshot LR-3 UHD camera, Wedgetail Hawk, Big Barn Leather goods, Ruike P108 folder, Fällkniven F1 fixed-blade and Boss & Co’s new ambidextrous 1812 Edition shotgun. We also serve up mouth-watering veal saltimbocca, tender venison blue steak and delightful venison, rosemary and garlic sausages.

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