Edition 74 - Australian Hunter

Warwick Armstrong takes us to Africa, Anthony Puddicombe helps a farmer battle wild dogs, Brad Allen hunts buffaloes in the Top End, Ben Unten gets going to grab goats, Peter d’Plesse proves the humble rabbit still earns top honours, Perry Magowan heads off in search of deer and Don Caswell flushes out predatory pigs. We explore gun safes, fire nine noteworthy bolt-action rifles, look at the Merkel K3 rifle, find a nifty solution to refilling PCP airguns, enjoy a picturesque hunt with the camera, put barrel cleaning to the test and revisit sighting-in your rifle prior to a hunt. Our reviews cover Greywacke boots, Leupold HD thermal imaging products, the clever Badlands Bino XR, a simple yet effective blind, the hunting trip ‘must-have’ SSAA Knife + Tool Sharpener, Spika gear and the steady Stukeys Shooting Bench. Furthermore we slice through the kitchen knife block, wrap our fingers around the Browning Long-Haul fixed blade knife, serve up Tuscan rabbit, stake our claim for venison as a household staple and cook up a tasty stir-fry, then utilise offcuts and leftover game meat for succulent Swedish meatballs.

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