Edition 73 - Australian Hunter

Adrian Kenney lures cunning foxes with a simple button whistle, Chris Wardrop seeks out waterfowl in a dry Top End, Joseph Nugent roams on a distinct red deer roar, Sam Garro recalls memorable trophy hunts, Don Caswell topples a pair of porkers, Peter d’Plesse outguns wild dogs and Simon Cocksedge follows tradition in the land of Vikings for deer. We feature the versatile .223 Remington for medium-sized game, shine Foxdog’s Z-Vision LED headlight and torch, find good things come in small packages with Primos’ Short Trigger Stick, capture the moment for less with the StealthCam STC-QS12, aim with Ballistic Control through Steiner Optik Ranger riflescopes, delight in handling the iconic Rigby .416 dangerous game rifle, look at the ‘correct’ way to determine Minute of Angle when long-range hunting and test our skills to take down varmints from distance, offer some hunting safety reassurance, study-up on freeze-dry taxidermy, layer-up for cold winter hunts, stay sharp with our knife selection guide and explore a couple of unassuming options in the Gerber Paraframe 1 and Spika Pack-Lite knives, provide game meat cooking tips and indulge in tantalising sweet Indian goat and swift campfire sausage rolls.

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