Edition 71 - Australian Hunter

Don Caswell combats wild dogs in far North Queensland, Brad Allen follows the signs to take down bucks, John Dunn flies into Cobourg Peninsula for bantengs and a spot of fishing, Ben Unten ends an era with a solitary swine, Leon Wright steers duck hunters towards dams, David Duffy prowls for a crafty feral cat and Mick Chapman turns a decade-long kudu nightmare into an African dream. We review the Steiner Ranger 2.5-10×50 riflescope, Cuddeback trail cameras, Lightforce Striker LED Driving Lights, Nextorch TA40 LED torch set, Austealth camo clothing, Australian Hunter shirts, Van Diemen’s Land Pig Sticker, Buck’s Model 105 and Ridgeline’s Tru-Shot backpack/shooting rest. We also customise a hunting rifle, fire Browning’s BXR Rapid Expansion ammo, hunt with the Barrett Fieldcraft Lightweight rifle, keep the .257 Roberts pertinent, revisit the art of knife sharpening, bed a CZ and weigh up handload versus factory ammo. See our incredible conversion of a 5-burner barbecue in to the ultimate outdoor Asian kitchen as we cook up delicious rabbit and bacon spring rolls, spicy Szechuan venison and sizzling hot Mongolian goat.

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