Edition 69 - Australian Hunter

Gordon Nelis battles Top End boars and buffaloes, Dick Eussen covers a rugged cattle station alone, Chris Redlich defeats a top dog, Ben Smith shows an American hunting guide how it’s done in Australia, stags stir emotions for Matt Fox, Andrew Balcombe sets off in Noord Holland for wildfowl and hares, and a Project Moonie hunt with Peter Assfalg and Queensland’s Conservation and Wildlife Management group reinforces native flora and fauna. We review the Sako 85 Finnlight .308W and Sauer 101 Classic XT .243 rifles, the .25-06 Wildcat cartridge, Eagleye SmartRest Light Mounts, shooting sticks, Feathered cookbook, Buck 119 and Leatherman Wingman. We peer through hunting binoculars, hunt with the .243-6mm-.240, cut through modern day ropes, document the relationship between hunting and photography and take a tour of the German Hunting and Fishing Museum in Munich. In the Camp Kitchen we butcher medium-sized game ribs and dish up three unique and tantalising rib recipes. There’s also fantastic prizes and a photo competition that coincides with our official new Australian Hunter shirts

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