Edition 67 - Australian Hunter

A full mixture inside this summer edition with reviews on the classic 7×57 cartridge, Voere K15A rifle, Tikka T3x CTR Steiner combo, The Hunters Club series, Steiner Optik LRF 1700 binos and the Primos Jim Shockey Gen 3 Trigger Stick. We’re on point with rabbiters knives, the Buck 110 Folding Hunter and speedy knife sharpening. Peter d’Plesse and Ben Smith hunt pigs under extreme and varying conditions, Sarah Jacob catches and cooks rabbits, US correspondent Thomas Tabor pursues continental bighorn sheep, Leon Wright and his faithful dog Missy round up ducks, David Duffy illuminates night predators and nature provides Perry Magowan with a deer reward. Important regulations for travelling with firearms this holiday season are covered, along with lightening your hunting load, game meat preservation when out bush and two Aussie big game cartridges. We document the amazing anthology of the deer antler and why Australian feral cats are such efficient killers, cook delicious venison schnitzel, provide camp oven cooking tips and have three incredible prizes up for grabs!

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