Edition 65 - Australian Hunter

Potent worldwide trials and tribulations aplenty this winter as we get mobile with the Shooter MOBEEL UTV, Sam Garro braces the NSW wet hunting ducks and boars, Chris Redlich hunts bucks in the treacherous NZ Alps, environmental volunteers Ben Unten and Ross Preston face feral cats and foxes, Christie Pisani assists with treating bites and stings, and Blake Hjorth adventures in southern Africa hunting. Con Kapralos expertly reviews Franchi’s Horizon bolt-action rifle and the Outdoor Edge Razor-Pro 2-Blade razor/gutting knife, Steve Bain favours Bushnell’s trail camera solar panels and security box, Rod Pascoe successfully fires Fusion deer ammo from Federal and we take a congenial look at PJ Booth’s A Charcuterie Diary and Campology’s Aussie Bush Kettle. Thomas Talbor shares rewarding wisdom on top hunting bullets, Dick Eussen on hunting knives, Henri Lach on vintage knives, Perry Magowan on sighting stags, Don Caswell on leading moving targets and John Denman on prosperous aged hunting. Hone your rump butchering skills and cook delicious braised goat rump steaks and further indulge the tastebuds with a traditional Yorkshire pork pie and Field to Fork’s cranberry duck breasts.

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