Edition 60 - Australian Hunter

John Dunn revisits the Lithgow Arms LA101 CrossOver .22WMR rifle and Con Kapralos takes a look at the Tikka T3x Hunter rife. Lynn Bain patrols the granite belt for pesky boars and while Chris Redlich takes on wild dogs, but ends up with a koala. Brad Allen describes the long and short of shooting sticks, while Dick Eussen explains why saws can be underrated in the bush. Neil Wheatley reviews the affordable Optisan HX 4-12×40 scope and Nathan Lindsay takes a look at Walther Pro Black Tac folding knives. Yannick Cucca journeys to the top of the world in pursuit of tahrs, while Frank Bonneville goes ultralight backcountry hunting across the Victorian Alpine region. Joe Norris gives some tips on how to prepare for hunting overseas, Robert Dewey examines sharp blades and knife sharpeners, and Steve Hurt explains bullet energy, sectional density and momentum for hunters.

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