Edition 58 - Australian Hunter

Don Caswell discusses his experience with the SSAA Farmer Assist program and how it opens up hunting opportunities for shooters while also assisting landholders with their wildlife issues. John Dunn chases chital stags in South Australia, Perry Magowan discusses the benefits of combining your holidays and hunting trips, and Mark van den Boogaart shares some of his hunting firsts. Trevor Vivian offers advice for planning a backpacking hunt, while Leon Wright considers the benefits of using a 20-gauge shotgun for furry and feathered game. Our reviewers examine two Croc Blades knife sets, the CZ 455 Varmint Thumbhole rifle and Hawke Nature-Trek binoculars. Lynn Bain presents a tasty Thai red goat curry recipe using goat neck chops, Col Mellon looks back at his years in the NT’s station country and Henri Lach reflects on what it means to be a hunter.

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