Edition 56 - Australian Hunter

John Dunn heads to the Northern Territory to fulfil his search for a ‘bucket list’ banteng bull, while Dick Eussen visits Queensland’s Gulf Country to cull feral pigs, scrub bulls and brumbies. Brad Allen hunts South Africa’s Highveld and Grant McKenzie pursues mountain-traversing tahr in New Zealand. John Hill discusses ‘first shot syndrome’, the frustrating situation where a rifle will ‘throw’ its first shot, and Robert Dewey examines knife steels and what makes a quality knife. We review the Savage Model 11 Scout rifle, FAIR SLX 692 Gold shotgun, Garmin Montana 650t GPS, Hennessy Hammock and Exo Mountain Gear 5500 backpack, and our bush chefs share some tasty recipes for wallaby, rabbit and even venison offal. Perry Magowan continues the ‘nose-to-tail hunting’ theme with some of the tanned hides, antler-handled knives and furniture he has crafted following his hunting expeditions.

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