Edition 46 - Australian Hunter

Bob Salisbury explains how changing farming trends in Northern Ireland have led to an increase in woodpigeons, which provides great hunting for shooters. A long drive to Far North Queensland is made worthwhile for Alistair McGlashan when he and his brother Stewart come across feral pigs, chital deer and sooty grunter fish. Other animals featured in various yarns include South Australian fallow deer and feral goats, Arnhem Land buffaloes and African bushpigs. Don Caswell goes on the prowl for pest animals with his air rifle, while Dick Eussen looks at what different rifle and cartridge combinations work in downing wild pigs. Rick Huckstepp tests the Tikka T3 Battue Lite rifle, Rob Murton checks out Buff multifunctional headwear products and Neal Finch looks at The Whole Hog nose-to-tail butchery DVD. Pigeon with Cumberland sauce provides a succulent and alternative dish, and Geoff Cartner highlights the advantages for hunters of cooking with foil in the outback.