December 2021 - Australian Shooter

With travel restrictions easing and many shooting ranges now open for business, our December cover story looks at what you need to know to get back in the swing and return to active shooting. Aguila ammunition has been manufactured in Mexico since the 1960s and has now made its way Down Under and we have the first review of what looks likely to be popular ammo with Aussie hunters and sports shooters. Also under the spotlight is the latest bolt-action rifle from Sauer, the S100 Stainless XTA, which our reviewer reckons will only strengthen the model’s presence in the local market. We also run the numbers on a new hand-held thermal monocular from Burris, hearing protectors by Epicshot and, for all you handloaders, an impressive new annealer developed by two forward-thinking Aussies who lost their jobs in the pandemic.

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