December 2015 - Australian Shooter

We report on the latest developments on the NFA review and November’s Law, Crime and Community Safety Council meeting, including Justice Minister Keenan’s commonsense comments on the distinction between registered and unregistered firearms. Senator Bridget McKenzie educates journalists with a day out on the shotgun range, while Rod Pascoe looks at the state and territory laws surrounding travelling with firearms. Don Caswell reviews the Weatherby Vanguard S2 Blued Synthetic rifle, Paul Miller tests Miroku’s Mk 70 Special Sport shotgun and Thomas Tabor checks out a WJ Jeffery .333 double rifle owned by country and western singer Hank Williams Jr. We also examine the Dogg Catcher remote predator caller, KTI Safety Alert SA2G personal locator beacon and knives by Kevin Slattery of KevsForge. Brad Allen goes on an unforgettable hunt for red deer and John Rutkay discusses what makes a good long-range scope.