August 2021 - Australian Shooter

The cover of our August magazine features the T3x Veil Alpine bolt-action rifle from Tikka with reviewer Chris Redlich admitting he’s “happy Tikka haven’t changed a winning formula which Australian shooters have come to appreciate”. And sticking with firearms we’ve put three new shotguns in the spotlight this month, including the impressive Blaser F3 Vantage model and a couple of the latest straight-pull Adler B220s, the ‘All Weather’ and ‘Pistol Grip’ among five new variants of the brand selling well below $1000. Elsewhere we run the numbers on the Panamax Precision 4-12×40 riflescope from Nikko Stirling, Kalebh Pearson has penned an entertaining and informative article on the iconic Luger pistol and Steve Hurt provides expert insight into a bullet’s ballistic coefficient and examines its relevance (or otherwise) to specific hunting conditions. And with all our regular columns, letters and Top Shots we feel there’s something for everything in this month’s Shooter.

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