SSAA WA Single Action State Championships

The SSAA Western Australian Single Action State Championships were hosted this year by Canning Club Vaqueros. The recent Lone Ranger film was the theme of the event and excellent props embellished the two ranges. On arrival, the eye was drawn to the large silhouettes of the Lone Ranger riding Silver, with Tonto walking up towards the chief on the hill. Another scene well portrayed was Red’s Saloon and Bordello, which was complete with bar and well-dressed mannequins portraying saloon girls. It was apparent everywhere you looked that there was some part of the film portrayed and a lot of effort and organisation had gone into the preparations by the Sheriff and his Vaqueros.

Each scenario was based on a scene from the movie and competitors were required to speak the lines from that scene prior to commencing their participation in the scenario. One of the scenarios was an ore cart coming out of the tunnel. This was represented by a simulated ore cart on a train track, which, when the participant was ready, was moved towards the shooter and then engaged with a Cajun sweep. It was fun!

All the stages were well organised and flowed from one to the other without reorganising or interventions. The three days were based on having fun, maintaining safety and allowing everyone to participate at their individual level. For the first time in many years, Frontiersman and Gunfighter categories were included in the competition.

Canning Club was honoured by the participation of several Single Action members from the eastern states who, at the well-attended banquet, said that it was the best WA State Championships they had attended. They also commented on the wonderful friendliness and comradeship encountered and the well-organised scenarios. Congratulations to the Sheriff and his Vaqueros of Canning Club.

Match results
B Western: Mad Dog, Gruffalo Phil, Dakota Dennis
Buckarette: KT
Classic Cowboy: Doc Carnagie, Jess Wade
Cowboy: Crazy Horse, Roland, Jack Rover
Cowgirl: Cuttin I Jo, Mystic Meg, Cupcake
Duellist: Big W, Montana Lily, Phillips
Elder Statesman: Nuggets, Frenchie
Forty-niners: KC Woody, Marshal JW, Coyota Baz
Frontiersman: Bordella Baz, The Bandit, Matt Morgan
Gunfighter: Moonshine Mike, Billy Two Trees, Sister Sarah Carnegy
Junior Boy: Crazy Bear Cris, Fred Kelly
Overall Match Winners: KC Woody (296.38), Marshal JW (350.77), Moonshine Mike (376.93)

All Disciplines