SSAA WA Lever Action State Championships

The SSAA Western Australia Lever Action State Championships were held at the Perth Lever Action Rifle Club in Wanneroo over the weekend of May 30 to June 1. The event incorporated the 14th Open Lever Action Rifle Classic Calibre, 41st Open Lever Action Rifle and 14th Open Lever Action Revolver State Championships.

Classic Calibre
Open Champion
First Steve Hurley 302.04
Second Brett Worner 289.02
Third Keith Mills 283
Ladies Champion
First Tracey Worner 198
Second Karron Swinn 196
Third Sue Knapp 172.02
Junior Champion
First Phillip Brougham 187.01
Second Cordell Wilson 169.02
Third Loche Butler 156
Senior Champion
First Rob Gill 270.01
Second Richard Colmer 269.01
Third Bill Mutch 247.01
Open Champion
First Keith Mills 518.06
Second Mark Ferre 509.03
Third Steve Hurley 504.11
Ladies Champion
First Karron Swinn 416.02
Second Sue Knapp 402.02
Third Tracey Worner 394.05
Junior Champion
First Loche Butler 489.05
Second Phillip Brougham 448.03
Third Luke Kluck 277.01
Senior Champion
First Bill Mutch 495.08
Second Richard Colmer 469.1
Third Rob Gill 469.02
Traditional Champion
First Joe Peters 443.02
Second Brett Walters 419.02
Third Glenn Rickard 417.03
Open Champion
First Jim Hay 431.051
Second Dom Ciccotosto 425.07
Third Lynsay Masters 423.06
Junior Champion
First Riley Vickery 180.01
All Disciplines