SSAA NSW Rimfire Benchrest and IRB State Titles

The 2015 SSAA NSW State Rimfire Benchrest Titles were held at Dairyville Range, Coffs Harbour, on October 2 and 3, while October 4 and 5 were the NSW State IRB Championships. The weather was brilliant, with warm sunny weather on the four days. The wind was very tricky on all days too.

We had 26 competitors for the Light Rimfire (LRF) and 44 for the Heavy Rimfire (HRF). In IRB, we had 35 competitors both days and all who competed said they had enjoyed both shoots. The results for the four days of competition were:

Light Rimfire top 10
Ashley Elford .8029
Keith Smith .9136
Chris Tyne .9469
Bill Jupp .9644
Glenn Seaman .9742
Alan Marsh .9876
Jillian Felton .9878
Joy Harrison 1.0353
Karl Kuehn 1.0403
Don Powell 1.0521

Screamers in the 50 yards were Ian McNellee with a .147 and Ashlee Elford .195, while Glenn Seaman had a .245 screamer in the 100 yards.

Heavy Rimfire top 10
Robin Cox .5708
Ray Fuller .6785
Mel Frost (junior) .6867
Joy Harrison .6961
Robert Wells .7153
Dale Quant .7284
Ashley Elford .7420
James Smith .7577
Karl Kuehn .7721
Alison Keuhn .7721

Screamers at 50 yards were shot by Geoff Knight with .157, Glenn Seaman .196, Jillian Felton .133, Ray Fuller .172, Mel Frost (junior) .180, Peter Simpson .188. Robin Cox .183 and .190, Kath Davis .177 and Alison Keuhn .180. Screamers at 100 yards were Dale Quant with .391 and Sonia Frost with .342. In the 50 yards, Robin Cox shot a record with a .4328, breaking the old record of .4708.

2-Gun top 10
Ashley Elford .7724
Joy Harrison .8657
Chris Tyne .8757
Alan Marsh .8820
Keith Smith .8941
Jillian Felton .8944
Robert Wells .9052
Karl Keuhn .9062
Glenn Seaman .9150
Don Powell .9247

Results for the NSW IRB State Championships were:

Day 1 top 3
Geoff Knight 748.52
Robin Cox 746.45
Kim Cosstick 745.39
Day 2 top 3
Sonia Frost 746.35
Robin Cox 745.48
Kim Cosstick 743.46
Grand Aggregate top 10
Robin Cox 1491.93
Sonia Frost 1489.76
Geoff Knight 1488.98
Kim Cosstick 1488.80
Ray Fuller 1484.81
Peter Nicoll 1483.91
John Matthews 1483.85
John Harrison 1483.65
Greg Sutherland 1477.78
Don Powell 1477.76

Local shooters who placed well were Robert Wells, who placed fifth the HRF and seventh in the 2-Gun, and Greg Sutherland, who placed ninth overall in the IRB.

A big thank you to all those who helped out, including the target crews, scorers, barbecue-cookers, the wailing wall, range officers and those behind the scenes before the shoot. Without your input, nothing would take place. We look forward to seeing you all in February for the Rimfire and IRB National Championships.

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