SSAA NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoots 2016

1st Selection Shoot

The first round of the 2016 SSAA NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoot, held at SSAA Griffith on October 14, 2015, saw shooters come from afar. Range setters Greg, Frank and Brendan delivered very challenging targets over two layouts and weather conditions were quite warm, with the wind in the afternoon making for some interesting targets. The shooters were also treated to a visit from a goanna who was sitting in the tree behind the stands, just watching. Thank you to local sponsors Casella Wines for supplying the wine for the prize table.

The High Gun winner was Darren Macartney from Hay, who shot a score of 91/100 with a perfect 25-round shot. Other winners were:

High Gun: Darren Macartney 91

AA Grade: Alf Gugliemino 87, Greg Allen 86, Shaun Krzus 84

A Grade: Anthony Blacker 80, Grant McMillian 73, Simon Gee 72

B Grade: Brett Cummings 73, Ziggy Kubank 66, Justin Badoco 65

C Grade: Dominic Nardi 64, Wally Pilosio 62, Brian Weeding 60

Veteran: Sid Gugliemino 89, Roger Kerslake 84, Ron Kocaj 77

Junior: Sebastian Zanotto 74 after shoot-off with Brandon Gugliemino 74, Mikayla Macartney 71

1st selection shoot percentage points: Darren McCartney 100%, Sid Gugliemino 97.8%, Alf Gugliemino 95.6%, Greg Allen 94.5%, Roger Kerslake 92.3%, Shaun Krzus 92.3%, Anthony Blacker 87.9%, Frank Tagliapetria 86.8%, Jamie Cirillo 85.7%, Ron Kocaj 84.6%, Peter Jacka 83.5%, Brandon Gugliemino 81.3%, Sebastian Zanotto 81.3%, Brett Cummings 80.2%, Grant McMillian 80.2%, Simon Gee 79.1%, Jan Jacka 76.9%, Angelo Salamon 74.7%, Ziggy Kubank 72.5%, Justin Badoco 71.4%, Angelo Macedone 71.4%, Jeff Pagett 70.3%, Flavio Zanotto 69.2%, Wally Pilosio 68.1%, Don Nardi 68.1%, Michael Scafone 67.0%, Brian Weeding 65.9%, Aaron Fitzpatrick 65.9%, Ray Hillman 63.7%, George Depaoli 63.7%, Lance Brissendon 63.7%, Brent Suprain 62.6%, Dino Piccoli 60.4%, Ray Blacker 56%, Adrian Depaoli 54.9%, Roy Giason 44.0%, Max Cleland 41.8%, Brendan Adams 40.7%,Domenic Macdone 40.7%, Aaron Toaldo 14.3%.

2nd Selection Shoot

The second 5-Stand State Selection shoot was held at Majura Park Gun Club on January 17. The range setters set some very challenging targets, utilising the newly completed permanent 5-Stand layout and their high ground area. The top layout had a very fast rabbit, which tested the abilities of shooters and a great number of these were missed. Targets were set among the trees and on top of the mound, giving the shooters an overhead target and a variety of crossing targets, which were very visible. Targets on the bottom permanent layout were low crossers with a couple of very high loopers.

The weather was favourable and the overall conditions were very pleasant. Shooters travelled from Newcastle, Griffith, Hay, Sydney, Temora and locally. Competitors received a good prize pool of ammo supplied by the club and wine supplied by sponsors Casella Wines. Two perfect 25 rounds were shot by Warren Brown and John Collier. The High Gun winner was junior shooter Matthew Wilesmith with an impressive score of 91/100. Other winners were:

AA Grade: Matt Webster 90/100 after shoot-off, John Collier 90/100, Graeme Bennett 89/100 after shoot-off with Greg Allen

A Grade: Bruce Wilesmith 87/100, Anthony Blacker 77/100, Kyle Steadman 68/100

B Grade: Flavio Zanotto 79/100, David Whiteman 77/100, Justin Badoco 76/100

C Grade: Kim Cox 68/100, Stewart Brown 60/100, Matt Overnell 52/100

Ladies: Rebecca Wilesmith 75/100, Jan Jacka 64/100

Juniors: Brandon Guglielmino 84/100, Sebastian Zanotto 76/100, Adrian Depauli 56/100

2nd selection shoot percentage points: John Collier 100%, Matt Webster 100%, Greg Allen 98.9%, Graeme Bennett 98.9%, Alf Guglielmino 96.7%, Andy Vacarro 95.6%, Darren Macartney 94.4%, Brandon Guglielmino 93.3%, Frank Tagliapetria 91.1%, Shaun Krzus 91.1%, Peter Jacka 90.0%, Brent Suprain 88.9%, Jamie Cirillo 87.8%, Flavio Zanotto 87.8%, Dave Whiteman 85.6%, Anthony Blacker 85.6%, Justin Badoco 84.4%, Sebastian Zanotto 84,4%,Warren Brown 83.3%, Tom Knight 78.9%, Lee Hansen 76.7%, Kim Cox 75.6%, Kyle Steadman 75.6%, Peter Hutchings 73.3%, Jan Jacka 71,1%, George Depaoli 67.8%, Stewart Brown 66.7%, Andrew Paddison 66.7%, Dom Nardi 65.6%, Ziggy Kubank 64.4%, Adrian Depaoli 62.2%, Matt Overnell 57.8%, Tom Lamb 52.2%, Stuey Askey 52.2%, Marcus Vacarro 47.8%, Simon Weeding 40%.

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