SSAA NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoots 2015

1st Selection Shoot

SSAA Griffith Branch hosted the first round of the Selection Shoots on October 25 and 26, with 42 shooters in attendance. Range setters utilised the terrain at the range, with the bottom layout being set among the trees, giving shooters a great variety of fast and slow targets, and the top range being was set under the verandah at the container, with some challenging loopers and low crossers. The range setters were Greg Allen, Flavio Zanotto and Justin Badoco.

The event consisted of 150 ‘known’ targets held over Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The weather was windy, which made the targets challenging for shooters. Shoot administration was run smoothly by Brian Weeding, with generous sponsorship by Casella Wines and the SSAA Griffith Branch.

Local shooter Greg Allen demonstrated his shooting skills, winning the weekends shoot again for the second year in a row with a score of 130/150. Other winners:
AA Grade: Bart Brighenti (Griffith) 129, Darren Macartney (Hay) 125, Anthony Blacker (Griffith) 118.
A Grade: Jamie Cirillo (Griffith) 114, Matt Curley (Griffith) 110, Simon Weeding (Canberra) 108.
B Grade: Alfonso Toscan (Griffith) 84
C Grade: Raff Toscan 86, Justin Badoco 73, Ziggy Kubank 65 (all from Griffith)
Veterans: Warren Brown (Griffith) 100, Colin Obrien (Berumagui) 84, Brian Weeding (Griffith) 77
Ladies: Jan Jacka (Hay) 96, Helen Devlin (Albury) 88
Sub Juniors: Brandon Gugliemino (Griffith) 110, Sebastian Zanotto (Griffith) 95, Mikayla Macartney (Hay) 88

1st Selection Shoot percentage points: Greg Allen 100%, Bart Brighenti 99.2%, Darren Macartney 96.2%, Anthony Blacker 90.8%, Frank Tagliapetria 90%, Alf Gugliemino 89.2%, Jamie Cirillo 87.7%, Matt Webster 87.7%, Matt Curley 84.6%, Brandon Gugliemino 84.6%, Simon Weeding 83.1%, Peter Jacka 82.3%, Brent Suprain 78.5%, Simon Gee 77.7%, Flavio Zanotto 77.7%, Warren Brown 76.9%, Jan Jacka 73.8%, Sebastian Zanotto 73.1%, Mikayla Macartney 67.7%, Helen Devlin 67.7%, Colin Obrien 64.6%, Raff Toscan 66.2%, Alfonso Toscan 64.6%, Brian Weeding 59.2%, Wally Pilosio 59.2%, Justin Badoco 56.2%, Ziggy Kubank 50%

2nd Selection Shoot

The 2nd round of the SSAA NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoots was held at Majura Park in Canberra in January, with 55 shooters competing for the prizes. Range setters Matt Webster and Peter Hutchings and their teams set two challenging ranges, which challenged the competitors’ skills. The top layout had some very fast flying targets, which tested everyone’s ability with a mix of low crossing targets, while the low range had close incoming and crossing targets. The weather was warm with gusty winds during the day.

Sponsors for the days’ events were Gamebore Cartridges (Intoshooting) and Casella Wines. Administration was run efficiently by Rachel.

Paul Lillis from Queensland was the High Gun winner with a great score of 90/100. Paul had shot consistently all day to put him on top of the ladder. Overall winners on the day were:
High Gun: Paul Lillis 90/100
AA Grade: Greg Allen 88/100, Darren Macartney 87/100, Grant Barton 84/100
A Grade: Frank Tagliapeitra 85/100, Rod McCloy 82/100, Michael McDonell 77/100
B Grade: Leigh Hansen 70/100, Michael Scarfone 69/100, George Ruth 69/100
C Grade: David Whiteman 62/100, Angelo Cirillo 57/100, Kyle Steadman 55/100
Veterans: Sid Gugliemino 82/100, John Norris 65/100, Warren Brown 64/100
Ladies: Mikayla Macartney 67/100, Jan Jacka 64/100, Helen Devlin 51/100
Juniors: Jack Ruth 63/100

2nd selection shoot percentage scores: Paul Lillis 100%, Greg Allen 97.8%, Darren Macartney 96.7%, Frank Tagliapietra 94.4%, Grant Barton 93.3%, Rod McCloy 91.1%, David Lillis 91.1%, Sig Gugliemino 91.1%, Graeme Boyd 88.9%, Andrew Webb 85.6%, Mitchell McDonnell 85.6%, Brent Suprain 84.4%, Matt Webster 83.3%, Simon Weeding 82.2%, Noel Lillis Jnr 81.1%, Peter Jacka 78.9%, Jamie Cirillo 78.9%, Romain Devaud 78.9%, Anthony Blacker 78.9%, Anthony Mancini 77.8%, Angelo Salamon 77.8%, Leigh Hansen 77.8%, Mick Scafone 76.7%, Andy Vaccaro 76.7%, George Rotn 76.7%, Mikayla Macartney 74.4%, Aaron McCredie 74.4%, Tom Knight 73.3%, Alex 73.3%, John Norris 72.2%, Tony Crome 72.2%, Jan Jacka 71.1%, Jason Irvine 71.1%, Warren Brown 71.1%, Peter Hutchings 70%, Jack Rotn 70%, David Whiteman 68.9%, Tony Love 67.8%, Peter Shepard 66.7%, Angelo Cirillo 63.3%, Kyle Steadman 61.1%, Helen Devlin 56.7%, Noel Lillis Snr 56.7%, Amanda Twoney 55.6%, Louise Hensken 54.4%, Ziggy Kubank 50%, Stephen Ward 50%, Troy Adams 48.9%, Brendan Adams 38.9%, Shayne McDonough 38.9%.

3rd Selection Shoot

The Newcastle/Lake Macquarie Clay Target Club hosted the 3rd SSAA NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoot on February 14. Two excellent 5-Stand layouts were prepared, with a good variety of targets that were set to challenge competitors as they sought to gain selection points towards a position in the NSW Team in this 100-target event.

With excellent weather conditions, more than 30 competitors from Sydney, Griffith, the Central and North Coasts, Queensland and the Newcastle area enjoyed and great day of 5-Stand shooting. The shoot was generously sponsored by Casella Wines, with the winners taking home copious samples of Yellow Tail wine supplemented with equal quantities of ammunition. The usual excellent catering was provided by the club for everyone throughout the day.

Griffith shooter Frank Tagliapietra demonstrated his masterly 5-Stand skills by posting a superb score of 90/100 to win the event outright. Other winners were:
AA Grade: Greg Allen (88), Kevin Raymond (85), Brent Suprain (84)
A Grade: Ted Wright (68), Michael Norris (64), Peter Shepard (62)
B Grade: George Roth (67), Pat O’Dwyer (60)
C Grade: Jack Cunningham (83), Kyle Steadman (71), Sig Kubank (56)
Ladies: Amy Buys (79), Amanda Twoomey (64)
Juniors: Jack Roth (81)
Veterans: Frank Searles (88), Doug Brenton (75), Warren Brown (74)

4th Selection Shoot

The SSAA Hay Branch hosted the 4th round of the 5-Stand Selection Shoots over the weekend of March 7 and 8. Thanks to our local sponsor Redneck Shootin’ Supplies for the prizes.

Visitors came from Brisbane, Newcastle, Bathurst, Griffith and Bateau Bay. Range setters were Jesse Thomson, Peter Jacka, Darren Macartney and Greg Allen who set very challenging targets using both the 50ft and 100ft towers. Both towers tested the skills of the shooters, with targets thrown from their highest point at 50ft and just short of the 100ft mark.

At the completion of Saturday’s shooting, visitors were treated to a barbecue dinner and a fabulous sunset.

Two scores of 25 were shot for the weekend; the first on Saturday by Bart Brighenti and the second on Sunday by Greg Allen. The weather held out for the weekend with a slight breeze on Saturday and Sunday was a little blustery. Results from the weekend:
High Gun: Bart Brighenti 169/200
AA: Paul Lillis, Greg Allen, Grant Barton
A: Jamie Cirillo, Peter Jacka, Anthony Blacker
B: George Roth, Mick Callanan
C: Ziggy Kubank, Dean Lillis, Peter McCarten
Veterans: Sid Guglielmino, John Norris, Warren Brown
Ladies: Jan Jacka, Mikayla Macartney, Amanda Twomey
Sub Juniors: Jack Roth, Brandon Guglielimo, Jack Barton

4th selection shoot percentage scores: Bart Brighenti 100%, Greg Allen 95.3%, Grant Barton 94.7%, Darren Macartney 92.9%, Alf Gugliemlino 91.7%, Sid Gugliemlino 91.1%, Jamie Cirillo 88.8%, Peter Jacka 86.4%, Anthony Blacker 85.8%, Rod McCloy 85.8%, Jack Rotn 85.8%, Brent Suprain 85.5%, Brandon Gugliemlino 80.5%, Michael Elmes 80.5%, Simon Gee 78.7%, Tony Aldred 78.7%, John Norris 78.1%, Jan Jacka 76.9%, George Rotn 76.9%, Ziggy Kubank 70.4%, Warren Brown 70.4%, Mick Callanan 70.4%, Roy Sullivan 69.8%, Jesse Thomson 69.2%, Peter McCarten 69.2%, Mikayla Macartney 68%, Amanda Twomey 63.3%, Sam Barton 53.3%, Brian Weeding 50.9%, Lloyd Brettschneider 49.1%, Max Clelland 42.6%, Casey Jacka 40.2%, Angelo Cirrillo 31.4%.

5th Selection Shoot

The SSAA Forbes Branch hosted the 5th and final State Selection Shoot for 5-Stand on April 11 and 12. Although numbers were down, shooters were presented with some very challenging targets over two layouts by range setters Tony Bratton and Norm Brook. The club received some amazing sponsorship for the shoot from Haley Power Tools Plus, Milwaukee Power Tools, Active Trade Wholesale, Kincrome, Beaver Brands, SP Tools and Weld Class.

Shooters came from as far as Queensland and Victoria to compete with fellow New South Wales shooters from Hay, Griffith, & Forbes.

High Gun winner for the day was Daniel Lillis from Queensland with a score of 84/100. Other winners:
AA Grade: Greg Allen 79/100, David Lillis and Noel Lillis Jnr 76/100
A Grade: Peter Rea 73/100, M Dent 67/100, Jamie Cirillo 64/100
B Grade: Stephen Cooper 63/100, Kerry Bryant 61/100, D Mitton 51/100
C Grade: Dean Lillis 46/100, Ben Smith 42/100, Andrew Quirk 27/100
Veterans: G West 55/100
Ladies: Mikayla Macartney 48/100

5th selection shoot percentage scores: Greg Allen 100%, Peter Rea 92.4%, Darren Macartney 89.9%, Milton Cartwright 88.6%, M Dent 84.8%, Jamie Cirillo 81%, Stephen Cooper 79.7%, A Hodges 77.2%, Kerry Bryant 77.2%, G Howarth 75.9%, Andrew Webb 73.4%, G West 69.6%, D Mitton 64.6%, Mikayla Macartney 60.8%, Andrew Quick 58.2%, Ben Smith 53.2%, R Ferguson 30.4%, David Coleman 29.1%.

by SSAA NSW Assistant Shotgun Chairman Jan Jacka

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