SSAA NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoots 2014

1st Selection Shoot

The SSAA Griffith Branch held a successful first round of the 2014 SSAA New South Wales 5-Stand State Selection Shoots on October 26 and 27, 2013. Two very different ranges were set among the pine trees, presenting a good variety of known targets to challenge all shooting grades. Warm weather and little breeze attracted 40 competitors from Bathurst, Canberra, Hay, Wodonga, Temora and the surrounding Griffith area.

The 100-target event commenced on Saturday afternoon with two rounds of 5-Stand, with the remaining 50 targets shot on Sunday morning. SSAA Griffith decided to shoot ‘known’ targets to encourage new competitors to the sport, which proved very successful. This also allowed the range setters to provide equalling challenging targets for all grades.

Shoot administration was run smoothly with Brian Weeding at the helm. The shoot was generously sponsored by Casella Wines and SSAA Griffith with merchandise for all lucky place getters.

Local Griffith member Greg Allen demonstrated some excellent shooting over the weekend, with a score of 88/100 winning him the High Gun Prize. Other winners were:
AA Grade: Brett Inch (Temora) 84, Grant Barton (Bathurst) 83, Darren Macartney (Hay) 83
A Grade: Peter Jacka (Hay) 79, Mitchell McDonell (West Wyalong) 75, Anthony Mancini (Griffith) 73
B Grade: Romain Devaud (Hay) 64, Jacob Foster (Griffith) 61, Claude Beltrame (Griffith) 28
C Grade: Karl Russell (Griffith) 68, Aaron Fitzpatrick (Griffith) 67, Michael Rombolo (Griffith) 47
Sub Juniors: Sebastian Zanotto (Griffith) 57, Sam Barton (Bathurst) 34
Veterans: Sid Gugliemino (Griffith) 80, Alec Ceccato (Griffith) 77, Jeff Pagett (Griffith) 73
Ladies: Jan Jacka (Hay) 68, Casey Jacka (Hay) 67

It was decided at the SSAA NSW State and National AGM to adopt the new percentage scoring system so that all competitors receive a percentage score of the High Gun total regardless of the number of targets shot. To be eligible for 2014 NSW Team Selection, you must attend three Selection Shoots and the NSW State Titles.

1st selection shoot percentage points: Greg Allen 100%, Brett Inch 95.5%, Grant Barton 94.3%, Darren Macartney 94.3%, Shaun Krzus 94.3%, Sid Gugliemino 90.9%, Peter Jacka 89.8%, Matt Webster 88.6%, Alec Ceccato 87.5%, Andrew Webb 86.4%, Mitchell McDonnell 85.2%, Peter Rea 85.2%, Adrian Emery 85.2%, Anthony Mancini 83%, Angelo Salamon 83%, Jeff Pagett 83%, Anthony Blacker 80.7%, Anthony Pitt 78.4%, Jan Jacka 77.3%, Brent Suprain 77.3%, Karl Russell 77.3%, Casey Jacka 76.1%, Romain Devaud 72.7%, Jacob Foster 69.3%, Warren Brown 69.3%, Brian Weeding 68.2%, Sebastin Zanotto 64.8%, Michael Rombalo 53.4%, Jesse Thomson 52.3%, Justin Badaco 47.7%, Brendon Adams 39.8%, Claude Beltrame 31.8%, Michael Cannon 20.5%

2nd Selection Shoot

The 2nd NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoot was held on December 15 at Majura Park Gun Club in the ACT. The warm overcast weather didn’t deter a good attendance of shooters from as far away as Hay, Bathurst, Griffith, Temora and Gosford. Range setters Matt Webster and Tim Kieran presented some very challenging targets over two layouts. The top layout had a very tricky crow that tested the shooters’ skills, while the bottom layout had some fast crossing targets.

Generous sponsorship was provided by Gamebore Cartridges (Intershooting) and Casella Wines of Griffith, with winners taking home a plentiful bounty. Shoot administration was handled by Rachel in the office, while the ladies in the kitchen provided the shooters with some very tasty meals.

During the 100-target event, Brett Inch from Temora took out the overall High Gun with a score of 88/100. At the end of the day’s shooting and one shoot-off, the winners, including the new percentage points for the selection criteria for selection in the State and National Teams, are as follows:
Overall High Gun: Brett Inch (Temora) 88/100
AA Grade: Matt Webster (Canberra) 85/100 after shoot-off with Greg Allen (Griffith) 85/100, Grant Barton 84/100
A Grade: Brent Suprain (Bateau Bay) 86/100, Andrew Webb (Bathurst) 85/100, Simon Weeding (Canberra) 82/100
B Grade: Michael Scarfone (Griffith) 71/100, Robert Briscas (Sydney) 69/100, Tom Knight (Canberra) 68/100
C Grade: Tony Crome (Bermagui) 51/100, David Whiteman (Canberra) 43/100, Craig Kazakoff (Canberra) 27/100
Veterans: John Norris (Gosford) 71/100, Warren Brown (Griffith) 67/100, Sid Guglimino (Griffith) 62/100
Ladies: Jan Jacka (Hay) 62/100, Judith Naismith 55/100

2nd selection shoot percentage points: Brett Inch 100%, Brent Suprain 97.7%, Matt Webster 96.6%, Greg Allen 96.6%, Andrew Webb 96.6%, Grant Barton 95.5%, Simon Weeding 93.2%, Frank Tagliapetria 92%, Peter Jacka 90.9%, Reno Morganti 88.6%, Mitchell McDonnell 87.5%, Peter Rea 84.1%, Anthony Pitt 83.0%, Jamie Cirillo 81.8%, John Norris 80.7%, Micheal Scarfone 80.7%, Anthong Mancini 79.5%, Robert Briscus 78.4%, Tom Knight 77.3%, Warren Brown 76.1%, Bryce Wilson 72.7%, Angelo Salamon 71.6%, Jan Jacka 70.5%, Sid Guglimino 70.5%, Peter Hutchings 67.0%, Tim Kierman 64.8%, Judith Naismith 62.5%, Tony Crome 58.0%, David Whiteman 48.9%, Craig Kazakoff 30.7%.

3rd Selection Shoot

SSAA Griffith Branch held the 3rd round of the NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoots on March 9, with the warm weather attracting shooters from Bathurst, Hay, Temora, Narrandera and surrounding Griffith area.

The 100-target event was shot as ‘known targets’, which helped shooters prepare for the difficult targets and allowed the range setters to provide equalling challenging targets for all grades. Range setters Frank, Jamie, Warren and Greg set two ranges, presenting a good variety of known targets to challenge all shooting grades. The high range had some challenging targets, with the best scores for the day shot on this range, while the lower range had some extreme targets that tested all shooters’ abilities with a very high midi crow and a fast-crossing target that was carried with the windy conditions.

Shoot administration was run smoothly with Brian Weeding at the helm. The shoot was generously sponsored by Casella Wines, and Gamebore Cartridges for the lucky place getters.

Overall High Gun Winner for the day was Peter Jacka with a winning score of 80/100. Other winners were as follows with a list of percentage points received:
High Gun: Peter Jacka (Hay) 80/100
AA Grade: Frank Tagliapetria (Griffith) 79/100, Brett Inch (Temora) 75/100, Simon Gee (Hay) 73/100
A Grade: Jamie Cirillo (Griffith) 73/100, Michael Elmes (Narrandera) 70/100, Anthony Mancini (Griffith) 70/100
B Grade: Angelo Cirillo (Griffith) 57/100, Chase Staltare (Griffith) 55/100
C Grade: Jesse Thomson (Hay) 69/100, Aaron Fitzpatrick (Griffith) 55/100
Veterans: Sid Gugliemino (Griffith) 77/100, Warren Brown (Griffith) 71/100, Brian Weeding 54/100
Ladies: Jan Jacka (Hay) 57/100, Casey Jacka (Hay) 52/100
Sub Junior: Mikayla Macartney 31/100

3rd selection shoot percentage points: Peter Jacka 100%, Frank Tagliapetria 98.8%, Sid Gugliemino 96.3%, Brett Inch 93.8%, Simon Gee 91.3%, Jamie Cirillo 91.3%, Warren Brown 88.8%, Michael Elmes 87.5%, Anthony Mancini 87.5%, Darrren Macartney 87.5%, Jesse Thomson 86.3%, Angelo Salamon 81.3%, Brent Suprain 77.5%, Angelo Cirillo 71.3%, Jan Jacka 71.3%, Chase Staltare 68.8%, Aaron Fitpatrick 68.8%, Brian Weeding 67.5%, Casey Jacka 65%, Mikayla Macartney 38.8%.

It was announced on March 12 that National Shotgun Discipline Chairman Warren Brown was successful in gaining partial funding for the 2014 Open and Grade teams to travel to New Zealand later in the year.

4th Selection Shoot

SSAA Forbes hosted the 4th round of the NSW 5-Stand State Selection shoots on March 23. Set over two layouts, range setters Tony Bratton and Andrew Webb presented shoots with a variety of challenging targets. Layout 1, which was set by Tony, was over a grassed paddock with some very speedy, low-crossing targets, while layout 2, set by Andrew, was over the dam with some very challenging high targets.

Shooters came from as far away as Sydney, Hay, Griffith and Gosford and of course locally. Local sponsors for the day were Mitton Bros, who supplied the hydraulic crane as a tower target over the dam, and Norm Brooks. Excellent shoot administration and catering was done by local Forbes members.

No possibles were shot on the day, but some excellent scores were shot. After a lengthy shoot-off for High Gun between Frank Tagliapetria (Griffith) and Grant Barton (Bathurst), Frank eventually came out in front with a score of 81/100. 1st and 2nd place getters are as follows:
High-Gun: After a shoot-off, Frank Tagliapetria (Griffith) 81/100
AA Grade: Grant Barton (Bathurst) 81/100, Peter Jacka (Hay) 78/100
A Grade: Jamie Cirillo (Griffith) 68/100 after a shoot-off with Brent Suprain (Bateau Bay) 68/100
B Grade: Stephen Cooper (Forbes) 74/100, Norm Brooks (Forbes) 57/100
C Grade: Paul Kelly (Forbes) 44/100, Josh Bartlett (Sydney) 37/100
Vets: Laurie Redfern (Forbes) 75/100, John Norris (Gosford) 60/100
Ladies: Jan Jacka (Hay) 41/100
Sub Juniors: Cameron Smith (Forbes) 35/100, Mikayla Macartney (Hay) 31/100

4th selection shoot percentage scores: Frank Tagliapetria 100%, Grant Barton 100%, Peter Jacka 96.3%, Darren Macartney 95.1%, Laurie Redfern 92.6%, Stephen Cooper 91.4%, Simon Gee 90.1%, Greg Allen 86.4%, Andrew Webb 85.2%, Brent Suprain 84%, Jamie Cirillo 84%, Norm Brooks 70.4%, Paul Kelly 54.3%, David Mitton 53.1%, Jan Jacka 50.6%, Josh Bartlett 45.7%, Angelo Cirillo 44.4%, Cameron Smith 43.2%, Mikayla Macartney 38.3%

5th Selection Shoot

SSAA Hay Branch Inc held a successful fifth round of the NSW 5-Stand State Selection Shoots on March 29 and 30. 150 targets were presented to shooters over the two days, with a great variety utilising both towers. Range setters Darren, Greg, Frank, Peter and Simon used the height of the towers to through some challenging targets, testing the shooters’ abilities. The weather was favourable with sunshine and a light breeze.

Shooters travelled from Bermagui, Canberra, Griffith, Temora, Wagga Wagga, Melbourne and Forbes to compete with local shooters. The shoot was sponsored by Redneck Shootin’ Supplies – Tony Aldred. Shoot administration was kept up to date by Jan, with Sara keeping the shooters fed and watered.

Local shooter Darren Macartney was successful in winning the High Gun with a score of 121/150 – a great effort to come out on top when trying to run a home shoot. Results as follows:
High Gun: Darren Macartney 121/150
AA Grade: Matt Webster (Canberra) 119, Greg Allen (Griffith) 117, Peter Jacka (Hay) 115, Frank Tagliapetria (Griffith) 106
A Grade: Anthony Mancini (Griffith) 114, Simon Weeding (Canberra) 109, Jamie Cirillo (Griffith) 97, Angelo Salamon (Griffith) 93
B Grade: Nathan Foggo (Hay) 97, Romain Devaud (Wagga) 96, Stephen Cooper (Forbes) 93, Wally Pilosio (Griffith) 75
C Grade: Jesse Thomson (Hay) 85, Troy Adams (Griffith) 84, Tony Crome (Bermagui) 83, Angelo Cirillo (Griffith) 71
Veterans: Laurie Redfern (Forbes) 109 after shoot off with Sid Gugliemino (Griffith) 109, Warren Brown (Griffith) 104, Brian Weeding (Griffith) 86
Ladies: Jan Jacka (Hay) 88, Casey Jacka (Hay) 80
Sub Junior: Mikayla Macartney (Hay) 51

5th selection shoot percentage scores: Darren Macartney 100%, Matt Webster 98.3%, Greg Allen 96.7%, Peter Jacka 95%, Anthony Mancini 94.2%, Sid Gugliemino 90.1%, Laurie Redfern 90.1%, Simon Weeding 90.1%, Frank Tagliapetria 87.6%, Warren Brown 86%, Jamie Cirillo 80.2%, Romain Devaud 79.3%, Simon Gee 77.7%, Angelo Salamon 76.9%, Stephen Cooper 76.9%, Tony Aldred 75.2%, Wally Pilosio 73.6%, Jan Jacka 72.7%, Brian Weeding 71.1%, Jesse Thomson 70.2%, Troy Adams 69.4%, Tony Crome 68.6%, Casey Jacka 66.1%, Mikayla Macartney 42.1%.

by SSAA NSW Shotgun Assistant Discipline Chairman Jan Jacka

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