SSAA National Hunter Championships

The 2016 SSAA National Hunter Championships were held at Dairyville Range in Coffs Harbour from September 17 to 20. There were 44 competitors on Saturday in the Light Rimfire and 53 on Sunday for the Heavy Rimfire, which was an excellent result. The Centrefire was not quite as well supported, with 16 shooters on Monday and 27 on Tuesday, but this was still an encouraging turn-out.

Competition was fierce during the gathering, with very close scores and centrals often being the decider. Local shooter Ian Thompson shot a perfect 500 in the Heavy Centrefire event. Seven Juniors competed, some over the full four days and others for two. All prize winners had mementoes presented to them by Rod Madeley, who represented the host branch.

The weather was pleasant with variable winds, which is the norm for Dairyville. The rain held off until the action had finished on Tuesday, which was a blessing.

Thank you to all who competed for making for a great four days. Thanks also to those who helped at the shoot. Without your assistance, these events would not be able to go ahead.

Light Rimfire top 10
Ean Parsons 497.21
Glenn Seaman 497.19
Bill Simmons 497.16
Norm Bardell 497.14
Tony Steele 497.12
Bill Jupp 496.11
Chris Parry 495.14
Richard Powell 495.13
Greg Schneider 495.11
Ben West 495.10
Heavy Rimfire top 10
Neil Digweed 499.24
Bill Simmons 498.21
Chris Parry 498.2
Caden Bardell (Jnr) 498.15
Paul Sullivan 497.21
Nick Ward 497.19
Robin Cox 497.19
Neil Starr 497.15
Norm Bardell 497.13
Glenn Seaman 496.16
Light Centrefire top 10
Ean Parsons 496.16
Paul Sullivan 496.15
Don Powell 493.16
Russell Gibson 491.16
Ken Eppleston 491.11
Bill Jupp 490.1
Wayne Atkins 489.24
Kasi Baltokiewicz 489.18
Jillian Felton 489.13
Peter Duncan 488.18
Heavy Centrefire top 10
Ian Thompson 500.14
Paul Sullivan 499.28
Ean Parsons 499.28
Wayne Atkins 499.2
Ken Eppleston 499.18
Russell Gibson 498.2
Richard Powell 498.2
Kasi Baltokiewicz 498.15
Gary Hunt 498.13
Don Powell 497.25
LRF/LCF top 3
Ean Parsons 993.37
Paul Sullivan 990.34
Bill Jupp 986.21
HRF/HCF top 3
Paul Sullivan 996.49
Chris Parry 995.44
Ian Thompson 995.3
LCF/HCF top 3
Ean Parsons 995.44
Paul Sullivan 995.43
Don Powell 990.41
4-Gun top 10
Paul Sullivan 1986.83
Ean Parsons 1984.81
Chris Parry 1977.71
Russell Gibson 1975.62
Bill Jupp 1974.47
Wayne Atkins 1969.66
Don Powell 1969.57
Richard Powell 1968.53
Jillian Felton 1947.6
Karl Kuehn 1942.46
All Disciplines