SSAA National Big Game Rifle Championships

May 16, 2015, saw the SSAA National Big Game Rifle Championships held at SSAA Eagle Park at Little River in Victoria, which is located between Melbourne and Geelong. This year, it was decided to move this competition forward from July to May. This was due to the possibility of winter weather in the southern states disrupting the competition. As it happened, the day was graced with fine autumn conditions, which proved ideal for shooting. The shoot was hosted by the Big Game Rifle Club (BGRC), which has its own range in the Eagle Park Complex.

In all, 33 shooters nominated for the Nationals, with Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia being represented. Unfortunately, this year we had no Juniors or Ladies nominated.

All eight of the BGR core events were shot using the 2013 rule book. As usual, the top spots were keenly contested and at the end of the day, it was Bob Christopher, from Victoria, in first place, followed by Mark Hibbert, from Queensland, in second and Graeme Wright, also from Queensland, in third. In the teams event, it was Victoria first, Queensland second and New South Wales in third place. As always, the Veteran category was well represented and Bob Christopher came out as the winner.

Normally, eight events would fill up the day. However, this year, the supplementary event of ‘Pop Up Lion’ was included. This event is a specialty of the BGRC. In this event, the targets come up on pneumatic jacks, stay up for 10 seconds and go down for five seconds. This is repeated three times. It provides great fast shooting fun on dramatic lion head targets.

After the shoot, a presentation dinner was held at the Peter Burke Club House, which is on the BGRC range. It’s a great facility and very convenient.

I’d like to offer a sincere thank you to the BGRC and a special thanks to BGRC President Neil Hibble, the BGRC Committee and members, plus the scorers and helpers who made the day a great success.

by Big Game Rifle National Discipline Chairman Graeme Wright

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