SSAA National 5-Stand Championships

Fine weather and pleasurable sunshine greeted arriving shooters, some who travelled several thousand kilometres to reach the SSAA Hay range for the SSAA National 5-Stand Championships held over the last weekend of July. Competitors had journeyed to the NSW venue from as far afield as Western Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and other areas in between.

The Griffith Branch group, which included Greg Allen, Frank and Jamie proved a competent team of trap setters. Their cumulative target setting skills and abilities, combined with the hosts Hay and the tireless efforts of its members Jan and Peter Jacka, Darren Macartney and others resulted in an effective unit of organisers.

The action was underway in earnest on Saturday and Sunday with 15 squads of shotgun shooters at the stands. They savoured that intrinsic thrill of apprehension mixed with achievement in competition, vying for that elusive positive result on every call. The weekend proved to be a spectacular success for SSAA Hay and its sponsors, as well as the range setters and kitchen workers.

In the final reckoning, Queensland’s Daniel Lillis was hailed as National High Gun Champion with a tally of 135/150.

Other results were:

AA Grade: 1st Michael Coll 133, 2nd Nick Guerra 126, 3rd Darren Macartney 126 after a shoot-off.

A Grade: Michael Elmes 118, Simon Gee 117, Travis Tatt 110.

B Grade: Troy Schwab 108, Jesse Thomson 104, Mark Langham 100.

C Grade: Ben Sweetland 99, Matt Hipwell 87, Garry Spry 74.

Veterans: Sid Guglielmino 122, Milton Cartwright 109, John Norris 102.

Super Veterans: Trevor Smith 108, Warren Brown 101, Wally Pilosio 87.

Ladies: Mikayla Macartney 89, Sharon Lennane 50.

Juniors: Danon Randazzo 109, Adrian Depaoli 91, Mikayla Macartney 89.

Sub Juniors: Harrison Lillis 97, Shane Blair 37.

Congratulations went out to the competitors who shot 25/25 rounds. They included Nick Guerra (x2), Darren Macartney (x1), Daniel Lillis (x1), Michael Coll (x1) and Chris Charleson (x1).

The teams’ title was won by Queensland who tallied 610, ahead of NSW (598) and WA (470).

The Open team to go to New Zealand later in the year is: Daniel Lillis, Darren Macartney, Paul Lillis, Shaun Krzus and Matt Webster.

Meanwhile, SSAA Shotgun National Discipline Chairman Warren Brown and Assistant Chairman Jan Jacka both retired from their positions at the AGM held on Saturday night at the event. The newly-elected National Discipline Chairman is John Norris with Darren Macartney stepping up as Assistant Chairman.

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