SSAA Field Rifle, 3P, NRA Anysight and Air Rifle National Championships 2019

The SSAA Scoped 3 Positional and Field Rifle Championships were hosted over Easter at Southern Districts Rifle Club in Western Australia. The Championship boasted 7 events jam packed across five action packed days.

The first event was the NRA Smallbore 3 x 40  Match consisting of 18 competitors. M. Boots came out on top with 1176.61 with only 3 points separating J. Ingram in 2nd place and M. Rogaloff in 3rd place with 1120.30 and 1117.26 respectively.

Following the NRA Match, the Scoped Precision 10 Metre Event was held outdoors in the afternoon just as the wind started to pick up. M. Rogaloff took out the top spot with 387.12, followed by L. Henriques with 375.07 then A. Williams with 373.09.

Day Two started with the Field Rifle Centrefire match which consisted of 36 competition. M. Boots started out with a rapid score of 100.01 and finished up winning the event with a total of 388.03. Notably, C. Joyner (U/18) also shot an impressive 337.01.

The afternoon of Day Two saw tricky wind conditions return for the Scoped 3P Air Rifle Match which was narrowly won by J. Ingram with 581.20. M. Rogaloff came in second with 577.10, which combined with the previous day’s score, went on to take out the overall Scoped Air Rifle 2-Gun Title.

The Air Rifle Teams event was won by Queensland consisting of M. Rogaloff, J. Ingram, J Perry and A. Brace. with a combined score of 2273.55 with WA coming in second with a combined score of 2089.39.

Day three held the Rimfire 3 Positional match consisting of 49 competitors, won by M. Boots with an aggregate score of 579.08.

The Delegates Meeting was held at the conclusion of shooting on Day 3 with M. Boots notably stepping down as National Discipline Chairman after a number of years and M. Rogaloff nominated to take his place.

Day four was the Field Rifle Rimfire match won by M. Boots with 391.08 with only two points separating 2nd place (V. Talajic) and 3rd Place (D. Malcman) who shot 383.10 and 381.04 respectively. V. Talajic notably shot the most X rings out of a field of 63 competitors. K. Joyner (U/15) was the highest scoring junior with a score of 268.

The Field Rifle 2-Gun was wont by M. Boots with a combined score of 779.11 followed by D. Malcman with 765.10 and V. Talajic in 3rd Place with 762.14.

Following the action of Day 4 SDRC put on a spectacular dinner for over 50 hungry shooters. Needless to say, with mouthfuls of food, this was the quietest time of the event!

Day five held the final event – the 3 Positional Centrefire event which was won by M. Boots with 582.12. D. Malcman came in second with 557.02 followed by D. Collins in 3rd place with 544.02. C. Joyner (U/18) was the highest scoring Junior with a score of 428.01, which combined with the 3 Positional Rimfire event saw him take out the Junior 3P 2-Gun Trophy. The open 3 positional 2-Gun was won by M. Boots with an aggregate score of 1161.20, followed by D. Malcman with 1129.15 and D. Collins with 1084.07 points.

The overall Four Gun Championship was taken out by M.Boots with a total score of 1940.31, followed by D. Malcman on 1894 points and V. Talajic in 3rd Place with 1844.24 points.

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