Northern NSW IRB Round Robin Series

Wheelchair entrants highlighted the possibilities open to all comers in the Northern NSW Interclub IRB Round Robin Series held at SSAA Coffs Harbour on the Dairyville range on April 17. The disabled trio of Tom Kennedy (Port Macquarie), Hugh Young (Taree) and Raymond Munro (Coffs Harbour) all put in highly respectable performances and showed just what opportunities are open for shooters of varying abilities.

This is one of the aspects of competitive shooting, which makes it such an attractive proposition to be taken up by people from every walk of life. It is hoped that the exploits of this hardy threesome may help to entice other interested parties to try their luck at shooting ranges up and down the country. Target shooting, particularly the Benchrest discipline, provides an ideal outlet for people with a physical disability. Hugh has a distinctive platform under his wheelchair, which enables him to set himself up at the correct height to take his shots. Most wheelchair shooters have similar variations to suit their particular needs. As well as taking on rivals from other clubs, Raymond is also the Rimfire Captain at SSAA Coffs Harbour and runs all the Saturday Rimfire competitions.

IRB is a rimfire rifle shooting discipline, which comes under the main Benchrest discipline. Competitors shot a modified IRB target and the rules for Hunting Class rifles are a bit more relaxed. For instance, the weight of the rifle allows for an extra 1lb in weight over standard Rimfire. Scope power is unlimited, which allows older shooters to take part.

Shooters involved in the Coffs Harbour event came from SSAA branches at Armidale, Guyra, Port Macquarie, Grafton, as well as the host club. There were also entrants from Taree’s Manning Valley Rifle Club, Inverell’s RSM Rifle Club and the Highland Hunting and Target Club at Glenn Innes.

Interclub IRB Rimfire 50 yards results

Ladies: Lee-Anne McKenzie 743.33, Joy Harrison 741.35, Robyn Wilson 737.33, Jillian Felton 735.28, Elaine Kennedy 734.26, Sonia Frost 733.31.

Juniors: Jeremy Hannaford 733.36, Zanthie Bailey 727.20, Melanie Frost 717.17.

Hunting Class: Peter Nicoll 725.28, Ron Nutt 723.24, Don Powell 712.19, Jillian Felton 689.16, Scott Murdock 680.9.

Custom Rifle: Nick Ward 749.40, Bob Blacklock 748.40, Ron Brown 748.39, Don Powell 747.35, Greg Sutherland 746.41, Michael Blacklock 745.41, Dave Sweeney 745.32, John Harrison 743.36, Tom Kennedy 743.35, Neil Starr 742.35, John Matthews 742.32, Ron Nutt 740.40, Peter Nicoll 739.37, Bill Hobbs 737.30, Ian Thompson 736.34, Steve Ferrel 736.27, Steve Wall 731.24, Mark Hannaford 731.23, Trevor Williams 729.31, Raymond Munro 728.24, Ian Forster 726.20, Hugh Young 723.22,. Kevin Rodgers 719.18, Bill Buchanan 712.18, Don Irving 676.90.

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