Australia Day Matches 2019

Annual benchrest event held every year since 1980

The 2019 Australia Day Matches held at the Majura Range in Canberra will long be remembered for being the hottest conditions that this event has ever endured.

Australia Day results 2019

Light Benchrest

David Kerr WA 0.2843
Mitchell Taller NSW 0.3034
Darren Parsons NSW 0.3128
John Babic NSW 0.3146
Ean Parsons NSW 0.3214
Geoff Hansen NSW 0.3236
Brendan Atkinson SA 0.3276
Keith Sewell QLD 0.3296
Dave McKillop QLD 0.3381

Heavy Benchrest

David Kerr WA 0.2583
Roger Marshall QLD 0.2603
Steve Sori NSW 0.2732
William Greer QLD 0.2758
Gavin Marshall QLD 0.2921
Mitchell Taller NSW 0.2938
Ean Parsons NSW 0.2954
Craig Whittleton WA 0.2959
Brendan Atkinson SA 0.2961
Michael Huebner VIC 0.3069

Two Gun Aggregate

David Kerr WA 0.2713
Michael Huebner VIC 0.293
Mitchell Taller NSW 0.2985
Ean Parsons NSW 0.3084
Brendan Atkinson SA 0.3119
Darren Parsons NSW 0.3149
Roger Marshall QLD 0.3162
Steve Sori NSW 0.3195
Craig Whittleton  WA 0.3215
Dave McKillop QLD 0.3255
All Disciplines