After a two-year hiatus due to COVID concerns, the Australia Day Matches for light and heavy class benchrest rifles were held at the SSAA Majura Range near Canberra ACT.

Shooters from four States faced the starter on a warm and windy Saturday, that would test the skill and patience of all. Light rifle at 100 yards was first to be contested and one had to shoot under two tenths of an inch to even look like winning small group. At the end it was a .142 group from Paul Sullivan that took the medal. While this was happening one shooter was carefully putting together a tidy aggregate and Keith Smith was a popular winner with .2066 for his five groups.

The 200 yard section was never going to be easy with plenty of wind and mirage that Majura is renowned for. To keep five shots under half an inch was difficult, but some made it look easy. Milan Morrell shot the smallest group of .326 on his last card, and easily won the aggregate with .2556 – daylight was second.

The grand aggregate produced a popular win to 17 year old Josh Russell who went about the event in a quiet and confident manner to record an aggregate of .2825 – well done young man! Second was Milan Morrell on .2875 and Paul Sullivan on .2903 was third.

Sunday was a very different day with cooler temperatures and very light conditions, with the results reflecting this. Point one groups came thick and fast, but the best of these was a neat .110 shot by Tom Thompson. The aggregate was a tidy .2094 shot by Paul Sullivan.

The final yardage at 200 yards was closely fought out with shooters very much aware that in those light conditions any slip ups would be very costly. The best group was a remarkable .202 shot by Paul Sullivan on his C target. At the end though it was an extraordinary aggregate of .1867 shot by Michael Huebner.

Aided by his effort at the longer yardage, Michael Huebner won the grand aggregate with .2157 from Paul Sullivan on .2269 and Thomas Spang third on .2338.

The Bob Daniels Memorial Trophy for the two gun aggregate went to Paul Sullivan on .2581 with Josh Russell second on .2701 and Milan Morrell third on .2813

Full results may be viewed on the Benchrest Bulletin website.

Many thanks to the Tobler family who put on this event, and did everything from the catering to running the firing line.

Max Coady and Ian Thompson did the scoring and Carolyn Rae organised the target crew. Well done to all!

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