Australia Day 2018 Benchrest Matches

As the first major benchrest shoot of the year, the Australia Day matches in Canberra always attract a good crowd of keen benchresters. For 2018 there were fifty entries from all over the country.

Saturday was Light Benchrest day and competition began at 100 yards. Mark Tallar soon let us know his intentions and punched down a .109 group on the A target. There were plenty of point one groups through the morning, but Mitchell Tallar decided that Dad’s group had stood for long enough, and he put down a very nice .095 screamer. No one was able to better that one. The aggregate however went to William Greer with .1880 – he shot three point ones and a pair of twos and that’s hard to beat anytime.

The longer yardage out at 200 was shot in quite favourable conditions and one had to shoot better than a point four group to even look like winning a relay. The best of these was a tidy .255 shot by Robin Elton on his B target. This assisted him to win the aggregate with .2423 in a blanket finish.

The Light Benchrest grand aggregate saw yet another win to Paul Sullivan with .2217 – he finished second at 100 and fourth at 200.

Light Benchrest Top Ten

Paul Sullivan Qld 0.2217
William Greer Qld 0.229
Michael Heubner Vic 0.2445
Mitchell Tallar NSW 0.247
Brendan Atkinson SA 0.2532
Robin Elton Qld 0.2538
Fergus Bailey Vic 0.2807
Barry Tucker NSW 0.2859
Bill Jupp NSW 0.2898
Steve Sori NSW 0.2903

Heavy Benchrest Top Ten

William Greer Qld 0.2833
Steve Sori NSW 0.2871
Cameron Bailey Jnr Vic 0.2954
Thomas Spang NSW 0.3084
Mitchell Tallar NSW 0.3106
Ean Parsons NSW 0.3159
Les Fraser NSW 0.324
Paul Sullivan Qld 0.3241
Robin Elton Qld 0.3284
Robert Bisset SA 0.3324

Two Gun Top Ten

William   Greer    Qld 0.2561
 Paul      Sullivan     Qld 0.2729
 Mitchell  Tallar            NSW 0.2788
 Steve     Sori  NSW 0.2887
 Michael   Huebner     Vic 0.2901
 Robin     Elton          Qld 0.2911
 Brendan   Atkinson                       SA  0.2989
 Thomas    Spang                         NSW 0.304
 Cameron   Bailey                           Vic 0.3084
 Fergus    Bailey                              Vic 0.3175
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