2021 WA Scoped Air Rifle & NRA State Championships

The event got under way on Saturday 12th June on a cold morning which made it rather comfortable for competitors wearing the full get up of heavy clothing and equipment. 13 competitors from Port Bouvard, Southern Districts and Perth Field Rifle Club got into position for the 10m Scoped Air Rifle Precision Match, 40 shots at 10m with 60mins time limit made for a few sore feet at the end of the hour. The top 3 positions were very close with only 3 points separating them.

2020 Champion Luis Henriques from Perth Field Rifle Club (PFRC), 391.10, was edged out of the top spot this year by current State Record Holder Matthew Boots from Southern Districts Rifle Club (SDRC) by only two points, 393.18, using Luis’ Anschutz 9008. Terry Mangan (SDRC) came in third with a hard fought 390.19 in his first appearance for SSAA.

The second event was the 10m Scoped 3-Positional Air Rifle, shot indoors and the records fell everywhere, mainly to Terry Mangan who got used to the change from ISSF rules to SSAA rules pretty quickly. First he equaled the Prone State & Australian Record with a perfect 200.20, 2nd going to Matthew Boots with 200.17, and 3rd to Luis Henriques with 200.15, then broke Matthew Boots’ State & Australian Standing record (198.08) with 199.06 with Matthew scoring another 198.08 right behind him, but unfortunately he faultered in the kneeling only managing with a 196.06 allowing Matthew Boots to swoop in and steal the win with 198.14. The final scores were Luis Henriques in 3rd with 589.25, Terry Mangan in 2nd with 595.32, and Matthew Boots in 1st breaking the State & Australian Aggregate Record with 596.39. The Air Rifle Two-Gun top 3 were Henriques in 3rd with 980.35, Mangan in 2nd with 985.51, and Boots in 1st with 989.57. Air Rifle Records are separated into Indoor and Outdoor Competition.

On Sunday Morning the crew hit the 50m Outdoor Range for the NRA 3×40 Anysight match, conditions were calm but cold in the morning and the wind slowly picked up as the day went on. 17 Competitors took part with a few new faces, mainly from the host club. Mangan was at it again in the Prone breaking the State Record with 400.29, just 11 x-rings short of a perfect score of 400.40, Boots took out the Standing with 384.11, and the Kneeling with 393.10. The top 3 in the aggregate were the usual suspects of Henriques in 3rd with 1101.12, Mangan in 2nd with 1164.58, and Boots in 1st with 1176.47.

Special thanks to Port Bouvard for hosting the event and to Karen Williams who didn’t shoot but scored each day. Shout out also to Regine Henriques who helped with the scoring on day 1 and sorted out all the competitors proficiency awards, Regine is the current National Awards Secretary for the Scoped 3-Positional, Field Rifle, NRA, and Air Rifle.

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