2017 SSAA 5-Stand State Selection Shoots

Round one of the 2017 SSAA 5-Stand State Selection Shoots kicked off on October 23 at the SSAA Griffith range. Some 35 shooters enjoyed two layouts of very challenging targets, gauging on the scores shot for each range, and beautiful weather. Shooters travelled from Canberra, Gosford, Wodonga, Hay and Griffith. Local sponsorship from Casella Wines and Bronze Wing Terminators were enjoyed by the grade winners.

Two shooters, Greg Allen and Bart Brighenti, at the end of the day were equal on 90/100, so a 25-target shoot-off was conducted to determine the winner. Greg Allen won by one target.

Other winner on the day were:

High Gun: Greg Allen 90/100

AA: Bart Brighenti 90/100, Darren Macartney 89/100, Frank Tagliapietra 88/100

A: Anthony Pitt 88/100, Brent Suprain 87/100, Jessse Thomson 83/100

B: Alfonso Toscan 75/100, Bruno Mancini 66/100, Raff Toscan 62/100

C: Stewart Brown 86/100, Roy Giason 41/100

Veteran: Frank Diforie 83/100, Lance Brissendon 81/100, Sid Guglielmino 80/100

Junior: Nicholas Brighenti 73/100, Mikayla Macartney 72/100, Sebastian Zanotto 65/100

1st round percentage points: Greg Allen 100%, Bart Brighenti 100%, Daren Macartney 98.9%, Frank Tagliapietra 97.8%, Antho9ny Pitt 97.8%, Brent Suprain 96.7%, Stewart Brown 95.6%, Jesse Thomson 92.2%, Anthony Blacker 92.2%, Shaun Krzus 92.2%, Lance Brissendon 90%, Jamie Cirillo 90%, Michael Elmes 90%,Flavio Zanotto 88.9%, Sid Guglielmino 88.9%, Casey Thomson 86.7%, Peter Jacka 85.6%, Alec Ceccato 85.6%, Alfonso Toscan 83.3%, Claude Beltrame 81.1%, Nicholas Brighenti 81.1%, Justin Badacco 81.1%, Mikayla Macartney 80%, Warren Brown 77.8%, Brian Weeding 73.3%, Frank Diforie 73.3%, Sebastian Zanatto 72.2%, Raifale Toscan 68.9%, Wally Pilosio 66.7%, Angelo Cirillo 66.7%, Jan Jacka 64.4%, Roy Giason 45.6%.

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