2017 Australian Masters Games

The 16th Australian Masters Games were held in the north-west of Tasmania during the closing week of October 2017.

The Sheffield Branch of SSAA was very pleased to host three Rimfire shooting events at the recently completed new Rubicon range. Local members, along with visitors from other Tasmanian clubs and interstate SSAA members, competed for gold, silver and bronze awards in Field Rifle, 3-Position and IRB events in age-specified groups. While some participants allowed nerves to affect their usual good scores causing below average performance, others thrived at the challenge and presented commendable returns.

The weather was perfect and looked upon the two-day events with great favour, providing sunny, warm and windless days. The nine volunteers who assisted with setting up targets, scoring, range conduct duties, recording and providing refreshments were heartily thanked by attendees for running a smooth and efficient competition.

Of particular interest was that the better shooters on their home range did not have things all their own way with competitors from Queensland, Western Australia and the other Tasmanian clubs accounting for themselves very well.

The chance that the Masters Games will once more come to this region of Tasmania is highly unlikely in our lifetime and suffice to say that all those who attended savoured an enjoyable time and some great new friendships were made. The Sheffield Branch executive committee was extremely pleased that their members supported the Australian Masters Games and demonstrated the sound level of competence of Tasmania’s SSAA.

Adelaide will host the 2019 Australian Masters Games.

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