2016 SSAA Victoria Junior Rimfire Field Rifle Championships

The SSAA Springvale Range hosted the 2016 SSAA Victoria Junior Rimfire Field Rifle Championships which attracted more than 40 shooters on Sunday, November 6. The event featured juniors aged between 12 and the under-18 category and was conducted by the SSAA Victoria Youth Training Scheme. Although the majority of these shooters were from metropolitan Melbourne, there is a growing interest among regional juniors to participate in this annual state showpiece.

Field Rifle is a rimfire and centrefire rifle discipline designed around the four most used field shooting positions of Rapid Fire, Offhand (standing unsupported), Standing Post Rest and Sitting/Kneeling Post Rest. While only juniors under 18 were eligible to compete for the Victorian State Junior Awards, there was a Field Rifle class for SSAA members over the age of 18 and under 25. The competition in this division was of a high grade, with scores of more than 380.

The younger shooters showed an increasing skill level across the four disciplines. One junior commented that, despite the large numbers in this category, the rivals were all supportive of one another, making the day a very pleasant experience.

Resting Prone class is included in the annual competition as well. Juniors who are not experienced in shooting Offhand or Rapid Fire have the opportunity to shoot in a less difficult position and be part of the day’s competitive atmosphere. First, second and third place awards were presented in this classification as well.

The Rimfire Field Rifle Under-18 Champion was Sean Rasmussen, who finished with a total of 366.4. Elise Collier won the Over-18 division with a shoot of 382.5. In the Under-15 bracket, Jacob Bux triumphed with a score of 338.1, while the Resting Prone grouping was claimed by Jack Rasmussen shooting a tally of 271.3.

The prize for the most improved shooter was donated by Dean Taylor, of the Little River, Eagle Park Youth Training Scheme. Brendan Taylor was the recipient of this award.

Thanks went to the range officers, coaches and scorers, all of whom were volunteers. The competition ran smoothly, with every group completing their schedule as programmed. Thank you also to the junior shooters for the wonderful spirit in which they competed throughout the day.

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