2016 SSAA Benchrest Super Shoot

The 2016 SSAA Benchrest Super Shoot was held at the SSAA Dairyville range in Coffs Harbour from October 13 to 16 and received a big thumbs-up from all the 37 competitors.

The event takes place every two years and this time around was blessed by fine weather. There was a real buzz about proceedings with every competitor receiving a prize. All awards were determined by a draw, with the first place having the initial pick and so on down the order. The last placed finisher actually ended up winning a barrel.

Results were: Mitchell Tallar .2688, Ean Parsons .2706, Robin Elton .2722, Paul Sullivan .2741, William Greer .2750, Steve Sori .2772, Darren Parsons .2815, Peter Fleming .2868, Bill Jupp .2930, Mark Tallar .3167, Barry Warwick .3243, Michael Huebner .3271, John Babic .3280, Jason Armstrong .3308, Geoff Hansen .3365, Gary Hunt .3366, Russell Gibson .3474, Wayne Atkins .3493, Peter Armstrong .3529, Richard Powell .3549, Ian Thompson .3713, Steve Blaine .3719, Michael Thompson .3833, Ken Morley .4175, Rob Hamilton .4277, Steve Morton .4412, Kerry Richards .4579, Max Coady .4670, David McAtamney .4848, Megan Wheeler .5029, Sam Christaudo .5162, Norm Wheeler .5212, Kevin Fewing .5222, Trevor Williams .5769, Bernadette Christaudo .5775, Nick Catlan .6340 and Zanthie Bailey (Junior) .6698.

The Light Benchrest Top 3 100 yards were: Bill Jupp .2480, Peter Fleming .2792 and Gary Hunt .2852 (smallest group .123). The Top 3 200 yards were: Steve Sori .2260 (sg .286), Paul Sullivan .2326 and Ean Parsons .2448. The Aggregate winners were: Steve Sori .2580, Paul Sullivan .2673 and Ean Parsons .2866.

The Heavy Benchrest Top 3 100 yards were: Will Greer .1736, Ean Parsons .1980 and Robin Elton .2044 (sg .102). The Top 3 200 yards were: Mitchell Tallar .2152, Darren Parsons .2452 and Robin Elton .2825 (sg .259). The Aggregate winners were: Mitchell Tallar .2212, William Greer .2410 and Robin Elton .2435.

Organisers were extremely grateful to the many sponsors of this event, who were: Rob Carnell: SEB rear bag and projectiles; Barry Warwick: Projectiles; David Kerr: Bartlein barrel; PMA Tool Co: Two $50 gift certificates; BRT Stuart and Annie Elliott: $150 gift certificates; Kelblys Inc: $150 gift certificate, Neville King: Projectiles; 21st Century: Press and shell holders; Ken and Denise Melgaard: Projectiles; Graham Keppie: Projectiles; Will Greer: Holden hats and shirts; Krieger Barrel Inc: Barrel; Tasco Sales Australia: Bushnell Lantern and Howard Leight earmuffs; Nigel Melbourne and Chris Goulden: $600; Paul Sullivan: Two Bartlein barrels; Steve Blaine: Blaine stock; Outdoor Shooting Agencies: MTM Shoulder-Gard Gun Vises , Survivor dry boxes and ammo wallets; Gunsmiths Maintenance Centres: DS-750 scales; Peter and Ian Armstrong: Projectiles; Glenelg Cotton: Kreiger barrel; Dave Billinghurst: Gun case; Nioa: Primers, Sweets Solvent and Gunslick patches; Gary Hunt: Kelbly rings; Ian Thompson: Projectiles; Michael Thompson: Projectiles; Beretta Australia: Steiner binoculars; Kerry Thornton: Rimfire ammunition, powder and Russian cases; Pro-Cal Trading: Harrells powder thrower. Thank you also to Abela’s Gun Shop who organised prizes from the suppliers, and SSAA Coffs Harbour Branch who gave more than $5000 in prizes.

A big thanks must go to all who helped organise and run this competition. Ann Brummell set up the sponsors and did much hard work after the event by sending thank you letters. Dave Billinghurst put the planning in motion as well as doing the scoring. Raymond Munro compiled the entries and kept everything up to date. Neil Starr and Greg Sutherland had tremendous input before the shoot. Many Coffs Harbour members participated in running the event, because without them no shoot would have taken take place.

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