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2019 Gallery Rifle World Championships

31 Oct 2019 - South Africa

[ Gallery Rifle ]
Aussie shines at Gallery Rifle World Titles The SSAA has a new world champion in the shape of Dave McCarthy who clinched two titles at the 2019 Gallery Rifle World Championships in South Africa. His total medal haul throughout the event was three gold, a silver and two bronze but it was securing the Standard Rifle and Classic Rifle world titles which put him top of the pile. “It was a real...

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Dogs and handlers ready for action

Top barks for Retrieving National Championships

18 August 2019 - SSAA Stewartdale

[ Working Gundogs ]
SSAA Stewartdale at Ripley in Queensland was the venue for the Working Gundogs Association of Australia’s 2019 Multi-Level Retrieving National Championships with a healthy turnout of almost 50 competitors from several states taking part. The ongoing drought ensured conditions were dry and the dams low but the natural environment and terrain were still more than capable of...

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Heavy Rimfire Hunter: Glen Seaman, Chris Parry and Paul Sullivan.

Hunter Class nationals mark golden milestone

August 18 2019 - SSAA Springsure

[ Benchrest ]
Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the SSAA Springsure branch hosted this year’s Hunter Class rimfire and centrefire national championships at the Springsure range in outback Queensland. The club had struck some eye-catching belt buckles to mark the milestone and these were presented to the overall winners in each of the four rifle classes contested by shooters from several states. Light...

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