Ecology and Management of Quail in Australia

Ecology and Management of Quail in Australia is the first academic study of this game bird as it exists in Australia. Written by Australian wildlife biologist Dr Graham Hall and published in collaboration with the SSAA, the book examines Australia’s three quail species – brown, stubble and king – and their introduction to and history in this country. Also covered are the habitats and current populations of these species, practices for managing them, and the future of quail research and hunting in Australia.

The author, Dr Graham Hall, has more than 30 years experience in the management of domestic animals and other wildlife. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at The University of Queensland, where he jointly developed the first-ever tertiary course on game management in Australia, and he regularly consults on a wide range of wildlife-related topics.

Ecology and Management of Quail in Australia is available for $19.95 with free postage within Australia from SSAA National on 08 8272 7100 or via the Online Shop