SSAA backing Scottie’s push for Paris glory

The next 12 months will be crucial in Scottie Brydon’s push for the 2024 Paris Paralympics and the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA National) is proud to extend its support for him into 2025.

His tenure as SSAA National’s ambassador began in 2019 and has allowed Scottie and the SSAA to actively promote the shooting sports as being for everyone. Scottie uses a wheelchair and has competed in Paraplegic Olympic Trap events, setting a new world record in qualifying for the WSPS Championships at Sydney International Shooting Centre in 2019. His shooting career began in his hometown of Cobar, NSW before he relocated to Canberra to be closer to competition and training facilities.

“I really enjoy fulfilling this role with the SSAA,” he said, “as it allows me to highlight the fact that anyone can take part in the sport of shooting either as a hobby or all the way to elite level. When it comes to age, ability and shooting, nothing holds people back from being involved. It’s an amazing sport.”

While the direction of Scottie’s shooting career has altered slightly in recent years, his motivation to reach the Paralympics remains unwavering. He made the switch from Trap shooting to rifle events in early 2020 when the Paris Paralympic line-up changed to exclude his preferred shotgun competition and the move to focus on rifle shooting has forced Scottie to review his processes and approach to competitions.

“I’m feeling good,” he added. “My scores and training have been going well so far. I’m working on confidence in competition settings and my processes so I can perform under pressure. You’re training for one day of competition – there are no second chances – so it’s vital I put in the hard work now.”

During the past 12 months Scottie has been gathering momentum towards his Paralympic dream, having competed in World Cup events at Chateauroux, France in June and South Korea in August. He performed well at the Melbourne International Shooting Centre Grand Prix in November, taking gold in 10m Air Rifle SH1 and was also named in Shooting Australia’s National Pathways squad.

This year Scottie’s shooting calendar is full to the brim with domestic and international events which present chances to compete against the best shooters in the world and opportunities for Paralympic qualification. “Almost every month this year we’ve got something on,” he said. “This is a crucial time for preparation and having the support of SSAA National is so important to me.

“It takes a lot of time and effort to reach the top level in shooting. You really have to live and breathe it and to know I’m showing everyone what you can achieve regardless of ability when you really commit, makes this an amazing sport to be a part of.”

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