Senator paves the way for PETA’s extreme campaigns to be labelled “stunts and attacks”

The Australian Senate has passed a motion that recognises hunting is a legitimate activity for many Australians and condemns insulting campaigns carried out by a notorious extreme animal rights group. Australian Conservatives leader Senator Cory Bernardi tabled a motion that called on the Senate to note the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is behind a series of “stunts and attacks on Australia’s livestock farming, meat manufacturing, meat retail, hunting and racing sectors, putting regional jobs and economies at risk”.

The South Australian Senator also called for both the federal and state and territory governments to “resist all attempts by PETA to further jeopardise Australia’s economy and way of life and make demands upon Australian taxpayers”. The latter statement is in reference to PETA’s ridiculous demands for taxpayers to fund a shrine in honour of 6,000 chickens that were killed in a truck accident near Lismore, New South Wales earlier this week.

The SSAA applauds Senator Bernardi and his colleagues in the Senate for passing this commonsense motion. PETA needs to be held to account for its attempts to erode the Australian way of life and for its extreme and out-of-touch views.

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